Friday, April 27, 2018

See Floortime Strategies in Action!

Daria Brown has posted a wonderful description and video of herself as a parent working with her child and then reflecting with our director, Dr. Andrea Davis, on how to apply Floortime strategies for her child's new developmental goals. 

Daria had originally blogged a video of Floortime with her son two years ago and then podcasted our mutual demonstration of the core Floortime Strategy of Parental Self-Reflection.  In that first blog, she shared her parent journal and her poignant "aha" moments learning about herself in the experience of Floortime with her son. 

Now, Daria has released a second video that beautifully presents the developmental progress her son has achieved through Floortime.  Along with the reflective discussion of how to apply higher strategies, this blog post portrays how she is using Floortime to help her son climb further up the developmental ladder:

Mom (Daria) and son

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